Why do carrier networks lock iPhones?

When buying a smartphone such as an Apple iPhone, one issue that you might not be aware of is the aspect of network locking. Buy an iPhone from a certain network, and you might find that the phone is locked to that particular network. This can be both troublesome in the present and in the future if you wish to change providers. You might be wondering, though, why do carrier networks lock iPhones?

And, crucially, is it possible to use an iPhone carrier unlocking service to get the phone open to other networks?

What is a locked iPhone?

This is a phone that has been locked to a specific carrier. By contrast, you can have your iPhone unlocked and thus make sure that it can work with other carriers. For the most part, an iPhone will be locked to either a single carrier, such as Verizon or T-Mobile. Sometimes, though, the smartphone will be unlocked so that it works with any carrier – or, if you rather, you can use an iPhone carrier unlocking service to free your smartphone. 

However, it is also important to note that some networks are not compatible with certain devices due to hardware incompatibility. That being said, for the iPhone, it is very unlikely to find a carrier that will not support your device.

Why do carriers lock iPhones and other smartphones?

The simplest reason for this locking mechanism that is being used by most providers is the cost of the phone. If you were to buy an iPhone that is totally unlocked, you will pay more for it. You are usually looking at a sum at $500 or beyond to buy a fresh, unlocked iPhone.

However, when you buy one from a carrier, it will be cheaper due to them subsidizing the cost to get you on a long-term contract. The cost can be as low as $100, but typically falls in at around the $300ish category. When the phone is locked to the carrier, it gives the carrier confidence that you will not leave and go to a competitor. By giving you the iPhone cheaper than you can get it unlocked, they hope the savings will be enough to make sure that you stay loyal and stick around.

That being said, most argue that the phone being locked to a carrier is pointless because you need to sign a contract anyway. It is the contract rather than the handset that is keeping you in the deal. Getting your iPhone unlocked is much easier today than it was in the past, so most carriers are simply relying on users who lack technical fluency to stick with the carrier.

Should I get my iPhone unlocked?

Yes, you should consider using an iPhone unlocking service. An unlocked iPhone means that you can use it anywhere in the world as opposed to being limited to where your carrier permits. You simply need to buy a SIM card for your iPhone wherever you go, and you can use it without connectivity issues or roaming charges.

Also, should you ever decide to move on from your current iPhone you can sell it for more money than you could a locked iPhone. This means that you can get back a little bit more on your phone when it comes to re-selling, which you can then put towards your next phone of choice.

So, if you want to make sure you can get the most out of your iPhone, be sure to consider using an iPhone carrier unlocking service. This can get your phone unlocked quickly and easily so that you are no longer tethered to one network and one network alone. Don’t allow your carrier to rely upon you sticking around when, in reality, you do not need a locked iPhone to do so. 

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