iphone sim not valid vs iphone neverlock difference what is

What is the difference between iPhone Neverlock and Carrier Locked iPhone?

10 years ago buying an iPhone was a complicated task and required going to the apple shop, buying a device, then buying a sim card from the nearest shop, setting up a new number, etc. Nowadays, buying a brand new iPhone is easier than ever. With just a tap on your screen, you can buy a brand new iPhone, have it delivered to your home and you can even transfer all the data from your old iPhone to a new one. All carrier networks allow you to get an iPhone and pay for it each month, instead of buying it in cash. However, this comes with a small hidden cost. This hidden cost is called a “carrier locked iPhone”.

Now you may ask what is a carrier-locked iPhone?

Simply explained, a carrier-locked device is an iPhone that is locked to a certain network provider, this means you can not use sim cards from other carrier networks on your phone. Now, what is a Neverlock iPhone then? You guessed it. A Neverlock iPhone is a device that is unlocked and can use any sim card from any desired Network Carrier!

Why do carriers lock their devices?

It’s a simple marketing trick. When you buy a phone through their company, you also sign for a monthly plan. They want you to remain their customer so this is one way they to keep their customers “attached” to their network carrier-locked iPhones.

However, sometimes you decide to split ways with your carrier network and get a plan with a company that may offer you more for the same amount of money. If you decide to keep your old phone you would have to unlock it. Now worry not because there is an and affordable solution to unlock your phone. But before we get into that, we have to figure out the most important thing.

How do I know if my iPhone is locked to a carrier?

The easiest way to know if your iPhone is locked to a certain carrier network is to put a sim card into the iPhone and check if it works. If the iPhone is locked to a network operator, you will receive the “Sim Not Valid” or “Sim Not Supported” problem. This is how it looks:

If you have the sim not valid / sim not supported problem, you can use our website to unlock your iPhone.