Things to Check Before Buying a Second-Hand iPhone Online

Like many people, you might baulk at the price of buying an iPhone brand new. The cost can be pretty prohibitive to most people, which is why you might look to buy a second hand iPhone. This is a good idea, as most second hand devices are still perfectly usable. The rate at which people upgrade to new handsets is hard to follow, which means you could get a great deal on a second hand iPhone that should still be worth hundreds of dollars.

However, before you buy, consider the following.

Has the second hand iPhone been locked?

The first factor to take into account when choosing a second hand iPhone is if it has been carrier locked or not. Many carriers lock their iPhones so that they can sell them cheaper to buyers but keep them on the same tariff for longer. If a second hand iPhone is unlocked, you can use it with any carrier you want. If it is locked, though, you will need to have the handset unlocked.

You can get a locked iPhone unlocked by using a third party service, so do not let this put you off buying a locked second hand iPhone.

Is the phone legitimate? Has it been stolen?

Also, be sure to ask for the IMEI number of the second hand iPhone and then run this through an IMEI checker. This will give you proof that the phone has not been blacklisted. Stolen and lost iPhones are often reported, and when this happens the carrier will have the IMEI number blacklisted.

If a phone has a blacklisted IMEI then you cannot use it without having it repaired. Be sure to check this out, as the phone could be stolen, it could be reported as lost, or it could have significant debts attached to it.

Always ask for real photos

If you are going to buy a second hand iPhone and they appear to be using promotional images found online, this is a red flag. You should always be seeing photos of the iPhone being sold, not promotional imagery. Look for an image of the phone being held in someone’s actual hand, or a video of it being used.

If you see an image that looks like a pristine phone with an all-white background, it is likely a marketing shot taken from a fully priced iPhone instead. Always make sure you get photos of the iPhone itself, not just any old device.

Look for a button test

If you are buying a second hand iPhone in person, then be sure to test the power, home, and volume buttons. If the buttons are broken they can be repaired easily enough, but it is another cost to add to the value of your offer. So, be sure to look to try out all of the buttons first so that you can determine if all of the buttons work as they should be. If you are buying online, ask for a video showing each of the buttons being used repeatedly.

Also look to the outlets

From the USB connection to the headphone jack, make sure that there is visible proof that these work. You should always be able to make sure that the second hand iPhone that you are buying is able to properly connect to external devices like headphones. If it does not then you should not buy the device, or at least get a very heavy discount. Be sure to check out the speakers and ensure they work without any issues, as well.

Check for internet connectivity

If your second hand iPhone in question does not connect to the internet, it should be clearly stated. Always make sure that key factors like the GPS, the Wi-Fi, and general internet connectivity works. If not, you will not able to update your smartphone and this is obviously a major security risk.

iTunes and update compatibility

Lastly, make sure that you are given visual proof that this second hand iPhone connects to iTunes and that it can update. This should be easily demonstrated to you in person or via a video so that you know there will be no connection headaches when using your second hand iPhone.

Keep these factors in mind, and you should find it much easier to buy a second half device without any worries the deal was too good to be true.

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