iPhone 14 rumors: Everything we’ve heard about Apple’s new iPhone

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – new iPhone time!

For those who are looking forward to the 2022 edition of the Apple flagship product, then you should be in luck. We are expecting that the iPhone 14 will be arriving this year, and there are some pretty juicy rumors and pieces of gossip out there. Want to know what some of the latest rumors are? Let’s take a look.

The most exciting iPhone 14 rumours to look out for

New screen size options available

The first rumor that we are seeing at the moment is revolving around screen size. Naturally, this is a very important part of the decision-making process for phone buyers. Most reports and rumors suggest that we should see the iPhone 14 coming out with two screen size options.

At the moment, the most rumors sizes include a 6.1” and 6.7” screen size. This would give the iPhone 14 plenty of screen space and would be ideal for those looking for more information onscreen.

A new A-series chip

The latest iPhone is also set to have a new chip included, this one being dubbed the A16 chip. This chip will be included alongside some big changes to the system memory. Indeed, rumors suggest that the iPhone 14 will have as much as 6GB of RAM – a hefty amount and a 50% increase on what the iPhone 13 was able to provide.

Changes to the camera section

One notable feature about the iPhone has been that it has a ‘bump’ section where the camera will sit on the rear. The rear camera, though, has become bump-free in certain other phone models – and it sounds like Apple might be joining in on that front.

The main change to the iPhone 14, then, in terms of its look might be the removal of that old bump where the rear camera will sit.

Over 1TB in storage space

The iPhone 13 brought the opportunity for up to 1TB of storage space, which is absolutely incredible for a smartphone. However, reports suggest that the iPhone 14 could offer as much as 2TB of space. That is ridiculous, and could further improve how much you can store on your smartphone.

Moving to 6E

The iPhone 14 is also expected to have a space for WiFi 6E connectivity, which will offer the kind of high-class speedy internet needed for AR and VR to work accordingly. This is also likely to be part of a mixed reality headset that is due to arrive sometime in 2022. This will use 6GHz banding alongside the more usual 2.4GHz and 5GHz banding.

No SIM slot

One of the oddest rumors floating around about the iPhone 14 is that it will do away with a physical SIM slot entirely. This might mean moving to the eSIM model, which could be a problem for some people who are used to buying locked iPhone models and then unlocking them. Indeed, reports suggest that Apple has already been telling carriers in the US about this upcoming change.

SIM-free phones are growing in popularity, and Apple might be joining in with the iPhone 14.

These rumors are just the tip of the iceberg for what we can expect from a new iPhone. What rumor do you think sounds the most interesting? For us, the change to an eSIM could be interesting for those used to purchasing the carrier-locked iPhone models and unlocking them.

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